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Also see Round Bale Options in the wiki's general Slow Feeders section for even more ideas.

Round Bale Feeder Box. Tarp roof is stretched across a PVC beam and sandwiched between edge boards and a 2x3. (tightened up after photo was taken)

To load it, I spread the Texas Haynet across the plywood floor, and use the red "X" in the netting to center it. Then roll the bale off the pickup, and draw the opening together with a 1/4" rope.

The walls have a half-inch gap all the way around the bottom for water run-off. There are four 4x4 skids underneath.

The Texas Haynet is large enough to surround the largest round bale. I now have a 1600# bale in this feeder box inside a Texas Haynet.

Because my horses require extra slow hay feeding speed (8 on the 'Snarfometer'), I now also use an Equinet large bale net over the top of this arrangement, clipped to the outside of the box walls.

JoAnn Johnson
September 26, 2011
round bale feeder box with TX Hay Net

The Cinch Net
Large Bale
Made in the USA
Patent Pending
Use alone, or with a feeder
Reduces waste from
57% to 6%
Quality Dupont Nylon
30 day Money Back
90 day Net Replacement

Many sizes and options
We now have

1" x 1"
1 1/4" x 1 1/4"
1 3/4" x 1 3/4"

Contact us for your custom needs!
Large Bale Cinch Net
The Cinch Net 'Large Bale' can be used alone with barefoot horses or compliments traditional round bale feeders. University Proven to lesson waste fron 57% to 6%. Will work with round bales up to 6'x6' or Large Squares up to 3'x3'x9'. For more information visit our website at

Laura's Round Bale Hay Net
Laura's round bale hockey hay netI got 3 of the largest heavy duty hockey nets from Canadian Tire and laced them together on their lengths. This left the triangular ends in a scalloped formation at the top. I slip the net down over a bale, flip it over and close the top by lacing the scalloped edges closed. I then put a few bungee cords across the top to hold the tension and tuck any excess underneath. I have 3 horses on it and its in the riding ring where its driest for both hay and feet and respite from the grass. The bungee cords hold well without adjustment for about 4 days, then the core which has held the shape so well by this time starts to sag. The bale lasts a full 7 days as it would otherwise. When the tension needs to be tightened, I just re-adjust the bungees and don't bother with the lacing and just keep tucking it under the bungees. The whole thing sags into a pear shape and from there, into a big puddle on the ground. If the sag is enough that the bungee cords become air borne, I roll the whole thing over and put them on the ground for safety. I'm actually able to eliminate the number of bungees used as the bale gets smaller. In the meantime, I take the waste (in all, about a wheel barrow amount) and make a little pile "away", which they use to "go" and not the on the bale. It worked. The riding ring is crushed limestone and the absorbency factor is important to them...they gravitated right to it. So now I have a use for the waste as well in the meantime. I have timeline pictures, but am still trying to figure out the wet paint site.

Problems? The excessive rain. I put the bale on a piece of plywood...not enough air, then a skid, better but not safe enough. I've eliminated that idea. I've put an old horse blanket over the top of the bale and under the netting, which buys me some time until the bale falls over. Then I let the horses move it around themselves, turning it and airing it out themselves.(these bales are a lot more weather tight on their sides than on their ends anyway.) They move it about 4' in a 24 hour period and has never been found crunched up against the fence. I originally wanted to get a roof over it and still do, but have to renovate my barn. I still think that getting this bale on dry ground under a roof is ideal though, and the rest of my concerns with this system will disappear. My inside plans will see the excess bungeed/ratcheted up over a beam to monitor the tension and keep it in place.

Laura in Ontario
(from ECPhotos message #6732. Also see message #5909.)

Texas Haynet
Texas Hay Net in use Texas Hay Net in use
Texas Hay Net half eaten bale with hay net in placeTexas Hay Net

4 large hockey nets - see Mudder's page

Also see the Swedish Hoof School's large bale small-mesh nets at No photo currently available.

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