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Here's a summary of Dutch Hollow's findings feeding round bales with a slow feeder vs none.
(a Slow Bale Buddy from

600lbs Round Bale vs 3 hungry horses.

Bale fed with no netting (in Big Bale Buddy)
1 bale lasted 7 days
86lbs per day
29lbs per horse per day

Bale fed with slow feed netting
1 bale lasted 10 days
60lbs per day
20lbs per horse per day


Also see our Round Bale Hay Nets page!

Texas Hay Net
Texas Haynet $189.00
More about the Texas Haynet
Laura's round bale hockey hay net
Laura's round bale hockey hay net from
Click photo for details.

Swedish Hoof School video You Tube link
net is 4 mm thick and holes are 4 cm x 4 cm
Swedish Hoof School round bale nets for sale
The Cinch Net
The Cinch Net 'Large Bale'
This price includes Shipping and Tax in the U.S.A.
University Proven to Reduce Hay Waste from 57% to 6.3% when used alone. Can be used with hay rings.

4 large hockey nets - see Mudder

canvas hockey round bale stopgapHomemade round bale slow feeding cover. This is for brainstorming purposes, because it didn't work perfectly but has potential. More here.

The base is a 4' x 4' 3/4" plywood feeder box
(mud boat) with a ratchet strap reinforcement around the top edge.

Round Bale Feeder Box located at the far end of a "C"-shaped track paddock.

The tarp roof is stretched across a PVC beam and sandwiched between edge boards and a 2x3. (tightened up after photo was taken)

To load it, I spread the Texas Hay Net across the plywood floor, and use the red "X" in the netting to center it. Then roll the bale off the pickup, and draw the opening together with a 1/4" rope.

The walls have a half-inch gap all the way around the bottom for water run-off. There are four 4x4 skids underneath.

The Texas Hay Net is large enough to surround the largest round bale. I now have a 1600# bale in this feeder box inside a Texas Hay Net.

Because my horses require extra slow hay feeding speed (8 on the 'Snarfometer'), I now also use an Equinet large bale net over the top of this arrangement, clipped to the outside of the box walls.

JoAnn Johnson
September 26, 2011
round bale feeder box with TX Hay Net

LINKS: - Offers regular and 'easy-keeper' netting - Texas Haynet - Swedish Hoof School round bale smhn - Slow Bale Buddy - O'Neill hay feeders - round bale feeder - round bale feeding station - Helton Hay Tunnel - Big Bale Buddy (round bale slipcover) - Big Bale Buddy distributor

/ - The Cinch Net for large rounds, large squares or small squares

Another interesting discussion about round bale feeding at

Check out our famous Hay Net Comparison Chart!

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