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Horses are designed to process roughage 24 hours a day. As Jessica Jahiel says, horses are grazers, nibblers, trickle-feeders.

Jaime Jackson points out that wild horses expend time and energy finding their food. He calls unlimited lush grass a "founder trap."

Slow feeder designs permit horses to eat a controlled amount of feed, constantly. The hay never runs out. Mealtime
anxiety disappears. (Note: this concept works best with grass hay)

Some choke-prone horses can eat dry hay cubes or concentrates from feeder toys in place of requiring soaked feed.

Horses seem to enjoy the puzzle! Some prefer to eat from a restricted free-choice hay feeder even when loose hay is available.

This page features an overview of several types of slow feeders. Be sure to look at Small-Mesh Hay Nets (smhn) -- low-cost and versatile slow hay feeders with many more examples in the Small-Mesh Hay Nets section of the wiki.
Check out all the options -- see menu at LEFT! Patent Pending
Happy Grazers Happy Grazers Large Bin
Savvy Feeder
The Health EZ Hay Feeder!

  • Slows consumption which improves digestion!
  • Keeps your horse busy nibbling hay four hours!
  • Spring clip acts as a safety release!
  • Smooth rounded edges and flexibility of plastic minimize Cuts and abrasions.
  • Easy to fill while hanging in stalls corrals trailers or pastures!
  • Totally portable!

Ali munching from her Slow Grazer Hay Feeder
By popular demand ~ DIY Kit available now!!
The Natural Feeder (TM)
Barrel.Net feeder
Bearcat's barrel/net feeder
Cheryl's Homemade Plastic Drum Hayfeeder

Nose-It! JoAnn's horses on their first day with a new feeder toy. 4-cm hole dispenses ODTB hay cubes or complete feed.

Estremel's metal grid slow feeder with divider
for Sunny and Chavez

Slow feeding in freezing mud season - Jewel, Stella, Ally

Destiny and Maggie trying out their small mesh hay net.

Closeup of small-mesh hay net on ground. Jewel and Stella, masked hay munchers.

Best Friends grazing muzzle at

Pasture Pal feeders in NY. Ally in foreground.

round bale feeder box with TX Hay Net
Tangledmanes Hay Well with TX Hay Net
Modified Slow down Feeder

Joanne's Corner Hay Feeder
Secured hay net on gate does not swing

Angela's net doesn't swing around and can't be flipped over the gate.
hockey hay net outside
Lorna's horses eating 100 lbs of hay from a (puck) hockey net with one-inch holes.

Cinderella & Sophie's hay feeder click here for more

Swedish Hoof School (YouTube link)
nets for sale

Cinderella's weighted hay pillow

pawing through snow

Jewel and Stella paw through the snow -- Mother Nature's slow grass feeder?

Hay cubes dispensed at dark. Stella and Ally.
Stella with JoAnn's Amazing Graze feeding toy. Dispensing hole is sized for alfalfa cubes, but also dispenses the smaller ODTB timothy hay cubes
Freedom Feeder Boarding stable application for ease of filling

Available at
Maria Siebrand's hay feeder
Maria Siebrand's fence-mounted hay feeder

The Grazing Box Cassie enjoys her Grazing Box, available at
SMHN hanger
Russian SMHN
Horse owners can save up to 50% on hay cost, compared to feeding loose hay. (Or about a 25% savings over feeding in a hay rack or open bin.) Horses eat the same amount of hay from slow feeders but with no waste, which also means less work to clean up!


Standard Hay Pillow™ Slow Feeder Hay Bag
TheHayPillow.comStandard Hay PIllow

Hanging Hay Pillow™ Slow Feeder Hay Bag
Mini Hay Pillow
Specially designed for miniature horses and ponies
The Hay Pillow™Mini Hay Pillow
Available in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4" and 1 3/4" mesh sizes. New Version II offers replacement netting panels for ultimate versatility.

The Standard and Mini Hay Pillow
™ original and Version II
allow your horse to eat in a natural grazing position. The best choice for voracious eaters;when used on the ground it is not attached to anything so they can't tug or pull on it.

Why is feeding my horse from ground level best?

Slow Feeders - Paddock Paradise WikiLess strain on the skeletal system and soft tissue, a horse is designed to eat with the head down.
Slow Feeders - Paddock Paradise WikiAllows the mandible (jaw bone) to come down and forward in the joint capsule, the atlantoaxial joint (between the atlas and the axis between the two vertebrae) to open, and the mandible to move up and down, side to side forward and back without any restriction.
Slow Feeders - Paddock Paradise WikiAllows nasal passages to drain effectively.
Slow Feeders - Paddock Paradise WikiTheir emotional state is closely tied in to body position and posture. If we require a horse to eat with their head elevated, we are encouraging an alert and tense mental state.
Slow Feeders - Paddock Paradise WikiThe Standard and Mini Hay Pillow™ do not impair the horse's peripheral vision. If impaired, this can create tension psychologically. Horses are prey animals and depend on sight and sound to detect predators.

Slow Feed Bag Accessories
Bag Buddy holds bags open for easy filling- click for website
Bag Buddy

Holds open any slow feed bag for easy filling, just slip it over any fence or wall or I just put mine on the back of my golf cart to easily fill my bags. Then you take the full bag of hay off and hang it up for the horses to enjoy! This is not meant for the horse to eat from, just holds the bag for filling.

Makes filling your bags Quick and Easy!

We also have Slow Feed Hay Bags and Bale Bags Available.

Visit :

Stall Bag Buddy Includes Slow Feed Hay Bag.

Mounts on any solid wall and opens 90 degrees for easy and fast filling then just snap it closed for horse to enjoy the hay...Click on Photo to go to website: or

Stall Bag Buddy

Pat. Pending (shown on display)

All our products are made in the USA from materials also made in the USA! Please Buy American and Keep America Strong!

All our Slow Feed Small Mesh Hay Bags are made of Abrasion & UV Resistant Poly -e Double Braided Cording. Designed to hold up to the punishment horses deliver. If you want a bag that will last, buy from us! SATISFACTION GUARRENTEED!!

Hay Net Comparison Chart - Even more information on slow feeding

Convinced? Then be sure to avoid these mistakes when building your own slow feeder.

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Brumby Slow Feeder Fence Mount Net Feeder
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new hay net in UPsate NY - Horses LOVE it!
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Friends sharing a Freedom Feeder small mesh hay net
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homemade slowfeeder haybag

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